Life Entertainment Studios is setup in 2014, with the objective of bringing entertainment to the whole family through mobile apps and mobile games.


We were proud to launch our first game, Cloudwalker Kumo Sha, on the iOS back in 2015. 
And it was followed up with the launch of the same game on Android in mid 2016.

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The graphics and game design were all coded and designed from scratch, and being able to bring the game out to the Apple Store and Google Play Store really hyped the team up.

Motivated from our first app, we placed our second project, PetMon, onto the Indiegogo site.
Well, we did our best promoting the game, with demo videos on the Youtube. However, we did not get the results we wanted, thus, we quickly scrapped the game idea for another.

Nonetheless, the team has not stopped trying. We will continue to manifest our ideas and bring on more apps onto the Apple Store and Google Play store to share with everyone.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our loved ones who has continuously showed the entire team the support and patience in our endevours.

We love you all!